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that phthisis can be communicated by contagion but admits nearly

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attributed all this to the ether. I endeavored to divert his mind

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af mental unsoundness to such a degree as to disqualify them for the

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found very thin at the apex of the tumor and adherent to

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tubercular cells but only the free nuclei and granules.

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from all other matter placed it beneath the microscope and beheld

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That this effect is largely the result of deficient

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instance or fact which shall prove that the poison is thus generated.

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of the head was loosely attached to the spongy and soft neck.

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ments every day. This calomel treatment is continued

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tumor and dragging it down he surrounds it with the ligature

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there was most marked throbbing of the vessels at the root

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the cavity of the uterus and making firm pressure over the

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ronic acid. The nitrophenylpropiolic acid is poison

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