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certificate," he said, and, continuing rapidly, " Well, so
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7. The only work doing justice to modern obstetrical
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ing be given to Dr. Chadwick for his valuable services during the past
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With these views and with this experience. Dr. Wilks admitted his in-
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Mr. Gray will send one to the Annual Museum at Newcastle.
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substances. The pelvis of the kidney contained a little purulent urine.
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tuberculous lesions. In many of those treated with small doses of
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case we had to deal with a "phthisical" effusion in a girl djing of rapid
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subject has occurred in the Medical Society of that place. What-
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from any manifest organic change it has been attributed to overwork
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repute, was left vacant. As an operator, Liston had enjoyed a pre-
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examination, but when abundant it may be recognised by the increased
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reduced to very small dimensions. In the centre of the swelling the
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nition of syphilitic disease affecting the nervous system. No doubt the
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to them, under the circumstances, nudity is only an essential accessoiy
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During the past two years I have treated with defibrinated ox blood
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softened, and yellowish grey in colour, its fibres swollen and separated.
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weeks afterwards. The quantity of urine was now normal ; the
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performing it, and to indicate that which I prefer.
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oldest; that under the combined influences of lowered blood-pressure
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marbled with red towards the periphery. Dotted through it were little
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gestion of a portion of the intestines. On isolating the convolutions it
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The animal took a pint of milk and some meat. On the following
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Among these are two in which the anatomical and pathological
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carditis, but prolonged and accompanied by a rolling or double sound
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That, in the opinion of this meeting, a stipend of £2^0 (inclusive)
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purulent ophthalmia, even where this has not been complicated with
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mantlepiece clock. Upon a better acquaintance, however, }-ou ascertain that it tells
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