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2. Lewis, J. H., Tagnon, H. J., Davidson, C. S., Minot,
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Cazenave and Andral. The Surgeon whose clinical lectures are the f
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view of the literature shows that this condition may
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Medicine, Washington University, St. Louis, spoke to
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Dr. Atlee, of Pa., made some remarks upon the report, in
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The history of poliomyelitis in Illinois suggests that
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changes that take place in the coats of the stomach after death,
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tiful silver platter, the gift of her board of directors.
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transfer to custodial care. In the course of treat-
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13. Wiltrakis, G. A.: Hepatosplenography with Thorotrast.
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a dean of a medical school within the State and the
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tal sodium, 0.1 Gm. at night, I’epeated at 8 a.m. the
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vascular collapse, developed anuria. Careful clini-
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Mouth and Their Treatment, Philadelphia, I.ea »fe Febiger,
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application will be of such a character that the results
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32. Adair, F. L., and Hesseltine, H. C.: ibid. 32 : 1 (1936).
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3 room office in small professional building. Excellent loca-
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radiological diagnosis. Canad. M. A. J., 27 : 125, 1932.
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found true at Uie weekly sitting of the Academy, without delay. Has the etliical
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well-nourished, white female, who was irritable and
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nursing, hospital care, and the like, he will tend to
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Advisory Committee which may refer the matter to the

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