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Journal, records the cure of a case of hematuria by first ad-

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one of these same wagons over 13,000 miles In the last two years,

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bill through. If I had called upon the profession to block legisla-

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Motor and sensory paraplegia; diarrhea; atrophy of lower limbs;

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States, with Special Reference to the Defects, and Indicated

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in the "Transactions of the Clinical Society" — adorn the mu-

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Ans. — We refer the Inquirer to our advertising pages. We sre

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carcinoma, Richet and Verneuil being inclined to con-

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lopian tube* on the one hand, and the seminal ducts

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Inatzuk xnents. In connection with tbe Congress of Internal Medicine,

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striction of the neck to induce hyperemia of the brain has been

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and for the girl bom in America of German or Irish par-

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introduced in the legislature providing for an appropriation

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gram of each meeting, and with such program it shall publisl>

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2. The simplest method Is that known as the test breakfast of

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physiology of the digestive tube, that a mixed diet is

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of a well-defined physiologic function. Just why uric

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are compressed, giving rise to anesthesia and numb-

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nor easts. 4. Urea is always found markedly diminished in

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we shall have solved the etiologic problem of their pro-

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the place of the high altitude treatment of consumption.

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fascia, the great majority of cases can be satisfactorily treated

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under a license from the French government, and represented

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membranes of the endocardium or pericardium and in the

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many small vessels being tied with catgut. The incision in the

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vigor and robustness of the Anglo-Saxon race. He goes over

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parently from local infection, and the type associated with dry

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hip-joint. This patient was not discovered until sev-

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tion might have been easily overlooked during an operation,

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meetings being held at a time not to conflict with the

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free from hereditary taint, will result in healthy offspring. If

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Dk. L. B. Tuckekuan, of Oblo : I move that to-morrow tbe first

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all American students of military sanitation for the experiences

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recovered after aspiration had yielded a hemorrhagic

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alternate to said conference. We suggest that such conunittee

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Pennsylvania : April 6-13, Lebanon, 1 case ; Pittsburg, 4 cases,

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indicated. The staff of the hospital agreed with me in

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A eulogy of the late Dr. Richard J. Dunglison, who was

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