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stage of our work. We were in a fortunate position as regards controls,
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Case 2. Intra-nterine Fibroid Polypus. In connection with this
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art. Let the examination for entrance to the first year of medi-
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pulsions. These were of an epileptiform character, with foaming at, the
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man, aged twenty-two years, who fifteen years ago was struck on the
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the edge of the fold is then so strong as to strike the most un-
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considerable effort, " I have a pain," and then apparent-
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ere long, the persistent scrutiny of science will fully remove them.
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scars as they heal. Rupia, a deep ulcerating tertiary lesion covered by
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metallic tube, and forwarded ^Messrs. Tiemann & Co.
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foration of the gut occurs; and haemorrhage from the bowel is
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tions which are not returned to their authors, are retained for
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defines only the social status of the individual so
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Absence of opsonin in the exudate produced by an inflammatory
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perience a case of isolated atrophy of the small mus-
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the drug 'should be pushed without hesita- H^-^^^^^^^Z s^o wl 1 '" ^ ^metine^Ts
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I have no excuse to offer ; they were both difficult subjects, in whom I
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importance, such individuals who have failed to respond to recon-
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1. Contagious pneumonia of the pig or swine fever differs
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Hospital. A primipara was admitted, with a serious but not excep-
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made, has tiny, naturally occurring voids or capillaries
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manifestations occur. These show themselves as hemor-
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3. Ebstein and Nicolaier have found in the kidneys and lungs of
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out. Other structures diseased are resected or treated otherwise
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ially true as regards out-buildings or basements in their san-
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fixation in one position the changes in a joint might after
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ity, but the concealment of convictions, would be sail-
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with a disease that at any moment may strike its fatal
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Our patient had a severe anemia, which in itself is sufficient to
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over the massa lateralis of the atlas, or even between any
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Local treatment. — Astringent washes are manifestly best
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Care was taken to ascertain that the fluid came by regurgitation, not from
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what one would know it would, in the fact that these
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of last year, by Mr. Cardwell, M. P., our very efficient Chief Se-
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Again, it is supposed that the infection may consist of a special cause derived

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