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one of multiple neuritis, one of diffuse degeneration

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ture providing for appropriations for the establish-

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timentality, however, will have the effect of circu-

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if we opened the cecum, we could irrigate the colon

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comes from the headquarters of the American National

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acute intestinal obstruction, more or less tenderness

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of the liver that the nephritis of scarlet fever hold';

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and flagrant solicitation, upon the streets ; to pro-

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(lus diseases, other than typhoid fever, in which he

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much lessens its practical value, it rarely being ob-

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for advanced parties, it was found a godsend in the

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deaths; pulmonary tuberculosis, 109 cases, 43 deaths; pneu-

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where. The vessels enlarge, an exudate forms which permeates

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Genth. — In Lansdowne, Pa., on Friday, September 2d,

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mercial ■ traveler, twenty-eight years old, was of good

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120° F. will feel very soothing to an adult with a

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above, beneath, around — and within — him. One of

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influence upon me, his personality, or my readiness to take

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noted in the investigations of the writer, adrenalin

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Lieutenant John H. Hereford, Medical Reserve Corps.

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phenylglycol. 2. Azo dyes, such as trypan red, trypan

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Public Health and Marine Hospital Service for the seven

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University Press) and Hodder & Stoughton, 1909. Pp.

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tion on the secretion of bile, and that they are gen-

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From this time on there were no further attacks up to

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per day and he has remained sugar-free since. In sum, this

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Co. for total incapacity due, he alleged, to an acci-

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of the Eye: T. B. Schneideman, W. Campbell Posey, William

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some — if only a very few — casts, usually hyaline or

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they say, with two ends in view, the elimination of

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depression. The blood pressure and the respiration re-

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fect cells. This is the process of recuperation. In

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sis, first seen about four years ago. On September 6, 1909,

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Sets here last scarcely a generation. • Is Your Dog

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when in the sixth month complained of feeling sick.

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the localities acquire the reputation of being 'ma-

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tery, followed six weeks to five and one half months

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tities of urine. Kidneys not palpable. ..microscopical ex-

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25th, 26th, and 27th, under the presidency of Dr. I. A.

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