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The lesions of the sterno-mastoid, and of the other

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cocaine, and the controversy over the International Medical

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It is not essential to our purpose to know whether or not Dr.

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The efficiency of salic}dic preparations in articular rheumatism is, unfor-

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out dryness, the essential data ; but it is quite indispensable

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he performed in January last, he divided the cheek from the left

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Ward's Island Hospitals, he went to Europe for study and

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their discontinuance, they having been freely administered by

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rummage among the viscera, and scrutinize most narrowly all

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line (Poupart's ligament), which extends from the anterior

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On p. 546 it is said that "the careless use of nitrite of amyl "

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limits of the lesion, by recto-vesical paralysis, elevation of

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heroism must be deliberate, must be premeditated, must

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By W. S. Playfair, M.D., F.R.C.P. Fourth American from

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his father was a membsr of the lodge, and feeling the in-

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the bladder. Arum* relieved at once, and he made a rapid

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Dr. Parker's deductions, especially in regard to causes and

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by defective dressing, delay in opening collections of pus,

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^ nent specialist in Gastroenterology, has had an enviable career.

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deflected bullets, and usually in wounds from shrapnel and

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bone as far as the interior of the cranium, and gouge or

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ica, was born at Charleston, South Carolina, October 9, 1850, son of

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that is purposeless, without motive or object, and differing in the

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is much more comfortable. After the wound is closed, it is well

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to the subject of materia medica, not only in this country, but

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Through a much-regretted oversight, we have not hitherto ex-

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popular mind. Let it be generally known and believed that few

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New York Medical College, removed to New York City. In 1854 he

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hands free to manipulate the lids, and an unobstructed supply

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pital ; consulting surgeon to Hawthorne Hospital, Staten Island Hos-

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inactivity, the muscles of the back, and particularly the long spinal muscles,

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" clinical evidence " consisting in the fact of recovery from dis-

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health, the absence of any premonitory symptoms, and the cir-

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sac wounds, or total perforations. The aperture of entry is

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Society was held May 13, at the rooms of the Society, 13 Me-

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Medical Society, on February 23, 1888, he read a paper entitled "Re-

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