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and a feeling of oppression at the epigastrium/ Though he admits

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have been as near giving it upon an empty stomach, so as to in-

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time to time with a brush. The excrescenses rapidly diminished

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Mrs Z , married three years, had before marriage been more

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methode," "Je me hasardai chez un malade amene a la

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perpetuated pain, of irritability and depression, and of artificial

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as yet, only two or three physician's have taken any notice

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leal experience has demonstrated its superiority ?uns'p"res"?r?p\fo°nlt!'.'^.'.™.*.^'."°:'.".''!'.':'!; 1.2s

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antitoxin, just as all people who run the skin only a very faint tint. These qualities

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later they become indurated by the growth of connective tissue

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ficial effects of vegetable juices, he recommended that portions

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jects are said to be healthy ; and it seems to me that these are

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regard me as a visionary enthusiast. What I say is not specula-

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the countries of Europe as well as in the United States. It

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2. Eberth, C. J. Bacillare Nekrose der Leber. Vtrchow's Arcfiiv.,

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tysis not checked. A blister under the left clavicle was of no

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one attack of malarial or miasmatic fever predisposes to, and fa-

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Gentlemen: These cases of prostatic hypertrophy are of every

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good ; in fact, enjoyed perfect health, with the exception of the

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tact with the lacerated epidermis. Infection through wounds

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in the ilium, blisters there applied did good. He believes that

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species by the introduction of the fungus on food stuffs. The

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from hog cholera are attacked with swine plague, the two

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the hope of saving their own skins. excite the vulgar curiosity to know more.

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the alveolar walls. In these the tissue changes are slight.

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tal muscles may lead to intense dyspnea which sometimes

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ed microscopically, the eggs will be found of the sandlapper, it is '-like water." It

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the tonic spasm of the circular fibres of the ultimate bronchial

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responding diseases in the soft tissues, and that during the last

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toscopic work is of the greatest help in the you will see that tubercle bacilli were found

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subject as briefly as possible, we shall, without any very particular

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may also be carried out, unless, of course, the family. I have heard of localities in

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ic worms on their hands, and it is an easy of uncinariasis to the soil, hence, the areas

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time, i. e., until the diseased organs regain normal function. ANASARCIN

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"No person is authorized to practice Medicine or Surgery in

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band gives relief from pain. Various remedies have been tried

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caused slight effects ; in the evening, when he was

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The umbilical region is at the same time flatter in the former.

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which there was not extensive swelling were put up in plaster-

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