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neighbor by the use of forceps from a perilous attack of puerperal

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was detected extensive degeneration affecting the cells of the

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forms often extensive sinuses in which it accumulates and becomes

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the artery becomes empty and then again recovers its former calibre

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the kidneys while Iodine was found passing abundantly showing that

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place he insults the profession by insinuating that

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frequent occurrence of the clinical picture but also

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ritant should be called inlbunmation or whether it.should

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ference in treatment in the two forms of polypus. In the

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source of infection is more commonly the blood than the

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points or tubercles the outer rows marginal. Beneath flesh colored

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Ammonias in effervescence with lemon juice once in four hours and

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rection. When the patient had apparently been in good health

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glandular enlargement. The absence of constitutional symp

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And Gentlemen this progress which we are stimulating has a

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whole current of medical experience Allegation that cutaneous

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