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in individual cases. I hope the day will never come when, in our

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and palliasse are stuffed with straw. In addition, each room is provided

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has been conducted purely on scientific lines. But, unfortunately,

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verdict of these addle-pated creatures, and the charge of eccentricity

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of men in public places which are simply the outgrowth of private personal

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by the regular surgeon, and I have no doubt that the

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toneal cavity contained three or four ounces of pus. The

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destructive plagues, especially among the younger animals of the

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cases witK 100 autopsies, of Acute Ix>bar Pneumonia at the Montreal

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patient by suitable diet, wine, and preparations of iron. For the diills

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Such painful oversights are now not apt to occur ; not that

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Wakeman, William J., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Re-

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innocent amusements and deviltries of early life. With a

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a serpiginous mode of extension. Lupus is distinguished by its occur-

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treatment of the insane are particularly set down. Many of the articles are as

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the decline of fever, especially as cooked fruit in the

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thus lead them to stay away when they are reall}' wanted. — Medical Press

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tasis may occur without elephantiasis. In any case the assumption,

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take in order to return home, he observed on going down-

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simple syrup and a little compound spirits of Lavendei*

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there are also cases in which the observation of the temperature

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Retzius readily discovered ; and he afterwards proceeded to conduct

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Treatment. In its early stages, when merely a nervous

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8. Waterhouse, R. : A case of suprarenal apoplexy. Lancet.,

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pigeon's egg. mixed with some fluid faeces. In the subsequent

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Case I. — (Dr. Ray, American Journal of Insanity,

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that the vaginal canal was narrowed by a large anterior

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any success when the principle is ignored and research

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been healed with a covering of skin, but I had seen enough

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diverse views have been advanced. The admirers of its author have

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The arteriosclerotic kidney has its etiological factor in any of the conditions

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Stars and Stripes, Armed Forces-authorized publication in the Far East,

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$500, — to be offered by some society or individual having this

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urated with benzoinol into the nares with the hope of pro-

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(a) by excluding other conditions which might give rise to post-

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to do. I was afraid to leave this large retroperitoneal wound without

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has been said in connection with tuberculosis in children) :

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water. The hypalburainosis is the most important factor in the pro-

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our preconceived notions on this side of the Atlantic at least as to the

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are observed at the onset of the disease, as well as after a long duration,

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abscess forming low down in the post aesophageal space,

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the treasurer of the Royal College of Physicians of London,

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