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of a man's little finger, in which were entangled some fragments of
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Pursuing my researches on the patients brought to the outer clinique,
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and neighbouring parts were much swollen, but on that date swelling
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patient could move his arm freely, and had no pain at the seat of swell-
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In consequence of the fetlock being flexed, only the toe of the foot
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rupture had occurred at the thin part ; the right lobe alone contained
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happy to say, not on the Medical Register, having, as he cheerfully in-
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been applied. Sensation was preserved throughout the limb. When
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Thus time and space between them stop the way, and frustrate all
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say commonly, that Melancholick Persons are Ingeni-
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fever. On the other hand, heat is certainly produced by consumption
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with great difficulty succeeded in walking a quarter of a mile, but was
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circulation, and consequent apncea. The secretion of t>ile by the liver
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putate a thigh, in confidence that his chief would never find it out. The
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deen is pre-eminently fitted to effect, and the advancement of the most
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seat of operation cleansed and disinfected, an incision is made through
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condylar — often proceeds from this to the side of the bone. The ulnar
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restoration of the joint, and the possibility of subsequent active mobility
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I acknowledge that nothing can be more brilliant and striking in its
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step is most clearly defined by excellent full-page
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because her monthly courses come on ; the change of the source of milk
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sloughed away from the spermatic cord, the wound healed, and the
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covert resulted, from the operation, after other means had failed to
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ministration ; but it is, we hope, understood that we at the same time
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vesication about the sole of the foot. As there was no improvement in
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in size ; severe lameness continued, and the animal became useless.
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removed. In front a gangrenous patch about four inches in length
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cence. And so likewise, under the Contagious Diseases Act, no women
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matter of their intercourse with men, by means of secret spies. I con-

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