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Antivert Or Meclizine

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ings or photographs furnished by the author. Manuscript should

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processes of tubercle is not the limit of the morbid change but that

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The Infectiousness and Contagiosity of Acute Polio

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Harold N. Mover of Chicago spoke in support and endorse

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snprapubic pain. Six months before her admission to the

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year inasmuch as students continue to enter and the course of

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The peritoneum contained about cu. cm. of blood stained

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also rare but several cases are on record. I have myself met with

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Translated by A. Sager Prof of Physiology in the University of Mich.

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running directly up the posterior part of the leg to about the

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achylia gas trica these effects of the secretion are absent.


It was noted that for the first four days after amputation the

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Well done Augusta and Atlanta but what is to be done with those

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J g What has become of the Medical Counsellor We have

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ested in any particular point can ascertain the facts

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gradual pressure upon the vagina and the fundus uteri by

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merely upon the evident systolic hardening of the muscles of the

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will thank him for providing so faithful a guide book to direct him

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and sleeping apartments all need reforming in this respect.

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in its removal but the discharge of the contents of the sac

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appears very opportune for the consideration of the Registration Law

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other cases very similar in nature are given to illus

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of the arteries of the hare s ear. Their combined results furnish an

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naked back over the diseased part of the cord every day for

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being unable to give any account of himself and scarcely recognizing

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