Lynn Scarlett
President, Reason Foundation

Lynn Scarlett is President and CEO of Reason Foundation, a national research and education organization based in Los Angeles. Reason Foundation publishes Reason Magazine, the independently monthly magazine of politics and culture, and is the home of Reason Public Policy Institute, a national market-oriented think tank. Through a 20-year affiliation with Reason Foundation, Lynn Scarlett has helped it become a sophisticated center of policy research and provocative journalism.

In 1979, Lynn Scarlett began her affiliation with Reason Foundation as part-time Special Projects Editor, responsible for shepherding the Foundation’s first book, Instead of Regulation to completion. Since that time she has advanced through the ranks as Book Review Editor of Reason Magazine, Director of Research, and then as Vice President for Research, overseeing all the Foundation’s policy research activities. In this position she created and managed Reason Foundation’s think tank division, Reason Public Policy Institute, which now exists as a division of Reason Foundation. In January 2001, Lynn Scarlett was named President and CEO of Reason Foundation.

In addition to managing Reason Foundation, Lynn has earned a national reputation as a leading thinker on environmental challenges and a leading promoter of a new environmental ethic that embraces private-sector innovation and stewardship. She routinely brings this message of a "new environmentalism" to the general public and opinion leaders through a variety of efforts. Her work frequently appears in general-interest publications like USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Reader’s Digest and on national media programs like "Crossfire," "Good Morning America," and Fox News Channel. Scarlett is also tapped for her expertise by key governmental bodies like the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the Environmental Protection Agency, and various other legislative groups. Ms. Scarlett is a nationally requested speaker as well, having addressed groups as diverse as the American Bar Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Society of Environmental Journalists.

Lynn is also the host of’s environment portal where she writes a weekly column.



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