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surgical removal of which had resulted in permanent

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if it can be done at the proper stage of the disease

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late stages of this type of cutaneous cancer when it

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quently advantageous to administer sulphur. Galvanization

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grip becoming weak with a feeling of numbness but no loss

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The report is intended more to point out the defects which exist

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small ulcer excised leaving an opening about inches by

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Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of re

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statement of assets and liabilities is presented but

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Theology was not removed from the deductive methods

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middle meningeal artery is reported to illustrate the

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He has found that a woman who is well under the action of

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its regu ar meeting in the Natural History Society s rooms

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quantity of dark uncoagulated blood escaped. As there

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which will promote good digestion without exciting inordinate

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point which elevates the arm and supports the shoulder

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the obliteration of the vena porta on the secretion of the bile. These

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The Eunuch can ordinarily be distinguished by his exterior phy

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place. Sometimes children who are unable to retain anything

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The steward s reports give in considerable detail the

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mon salt may be added to this water to increase its laxative

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side provides ready and protected access to the shops and ironing

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nephritis but he thought the other indications more impor

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quinia and salicylic acid. The latter has been found to be

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Together with the vomiting you notice that she has a slight

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financial management of the institution. This was done

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but the colon on each side is an obstacle which cannot

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an urgent solicitation that I should give him some medicine as he

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on the resident medical staiT of any legally incor

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fact that the disease is c gt ne for the surgeon to

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medicinal treatment should be used in the early stage and

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lowers. Such is the food upon which quackery grows and flourishes

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ton and pinning a bandage round the body loosely over all.

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