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Dr. Wood s treatment is by means of hot irons applied to the
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current and later on the induced and the earlier you
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and more particularly to you demands an explanation at my hand
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bag makes the best and most convenient water bed yet the
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During my stay in Camp Alger I looked carefully into the
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sulphate and nitrate are freely soluble in water and
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practicable are generally very decisive and in chronic diseases close
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head inclined forward a two ounce hard rubber ear syringe is
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If left to himself the average student soon tires of the
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with an expectorant. He appeared to improve for a week or more.
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passed out of my hands before a complete cure was effected.
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laryngeal complication of phthisis. They may be used
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present system of meteorological observations having been but recent
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The first edition of this work was published in and therefore
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left side but before death it became general. The intelligence
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quire the aid of the favoring factor of heat to give it its
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vanced and how much of space there yet remains to be overcome
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as a valuable stimulant. The dose for a child two years old
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only and that while its reign causes terror and desolation among
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German Hospital. They were all seen by the attending phy
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cle on each side of the cerebellum representing the lateral lobes. In
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The subject is alluded to now for the purpose of invoking the aid
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tient which with the broncophony and absence of the respiratory
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strapped with adhesive plaster and treated by a dry compress
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declared that his nails had always been this shape.
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spiration it will be found that whilst the healthy portions of the
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unfair and was not only leading to great discontent liut was
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during the many weeks of acute neuralgia which ushered in
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and subject of her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland
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professional usefulness without the good fortune to reap adequate
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good. The bowels and kidneys are carefully regulated. No
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tation in pronouncing typical cases of yellow fever.
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of two teaspoon fuls every two or three hours as a cathartic
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practical working they would be more assailable for the designing
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following this up with the application of some stimulating
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York intend to maintain an ascendency in position and influence they
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feeding which requires adaptation to individual cases. The thriving
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been pricked before the sensation was experienced. There
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symptoms there is a marked and unmistakable difference sufficient to
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formed in one case followed by atrophy and in another
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