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President of the E.xamining Board New York City for examin

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compare in its amount of Metallic Mercury with the proportion found

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beginning to enlarge. There has been no oedema of the lower

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anatomic grounds and the clinical results following its use.

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University of Michigan. The present number of the Journal is

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tracted and expansion was lost. Eventually the temperature

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ities in our own state. Why may not our own State Society send

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to the profession are invited from all parts of the world.

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number of multinucleated cells smaller cells w ith large

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cedure demanded when there has not been much loss of blood

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Classical descriptions of the latter disease usually

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yet a scrutinizing investigation of the subject will

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seize the head and extract it without inflicting a wound and we are

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formed that the man unquestionably brought the disease

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lungs are fully expanded the diseased portions are but slightly if at

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have been removed too suddenly and cystorrhagia is pre

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diet is carefully regulated. Among useful hygienic measures

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Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan

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edge requisite to rise above mediocrity in the profession its very

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ures particularly fresh and properly prepared beef

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ment is a proper regulation of the diet. The most uni

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stances. Asylums and homes for illegitimate children are

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attention to the value of peroxide of hydrogen as a

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advocate of this doctrine. Reinhart sees in tubercles only the results

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benefit in minute doses daily after meals and well diluted

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possesses those qualities of self government so useful to the medical

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