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Teeth-bearing fungi, Hydnei, hedgehog fungi, are some of
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beo. They are sweet, full of aroma, and full of vim. They
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under the influence of formaldehyde vapor for forty hours,
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Case II. — Typhoid Fever Treated at Home Eleven Days without Baths— Brought
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as a percussion wave from the closing of the aortic valve, and upon a
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tacked, in this one the females arc ecinally so with the males; this
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be removed from the malarial to a non-malarial district.
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ing light of science, will take hold of this scourge and will
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for Individuals — Children and Proteids — Atwater and Woods
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and quite commonly there is cer-ebral congestion. In rare instances
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manner; that is, the arterioles and capillaries fill, so that in the healthy
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tuberculous persons. Strauss ^ demonstrated virulent bacilli within the
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ent in part upon the liberation of intensely powerful poisons, or is due
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tuberculosis, except in children, in whom it often runs an exceedingly
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There is another common mushroom, an edible one, the
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in cases of thigh amputation. In treating such serious injuries
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implies persistent contamination of the drinking-water. Multiplication
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of it is excreted as urea. This is important to remember
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handkerchief around the neck whilst in motion, and never
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processes. Often the associated lesions form no unimportant part of
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lated as to their diet, but allowed to give way to their animal
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Be sure and use injections of normal salt solution into the
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sixteen surviving cases, we have a ready explanation of the apparent
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When stained the bacilli have a somewhat beaded appearance, this being
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youth with a report from parents that a bad and persistent
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(averaging 0.018 gm.) is derived from the tissue elements. Strasser
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the purposes of dermatology. In connection with hydrotherapy it is
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milk, and whilst we must equally frankly admit that a satis-
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The preliminary chapter in the section on Nervous Diseases is new,
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with a low objective. The tubercles are then seen as nodular enlarge-
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common error. An excellent medical dictionary, now in considerable
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