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special interest for the readers of the Medical News will

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smith s niche be above Shelley s if he had not con

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M. Nelaton in such cases was also detailed. No fluids should be

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Beri in Temperate Climates. To be opened by Conolly

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must be founded on sensible observations on facts and experiences

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ceive nothing but unpleasant sensations they are cold and

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Although we. cannot endorse the opinions advanced in many of

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upwards into the pelvis but by far the larger portion of the charge

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column. The diseased hip possessed the prominent characteristic

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completion of the seventh month when she was suffering some incon

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from the hypodermic injection of from to minims of the

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to consist of large spindle cells taking their origin

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micrococci of endeinic or non malignant diphtheria

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contractile that changes in the size of their lumen

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That quantity of spirit which increases the appetite and im

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pills to be continued to all the patients as before.

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relief. I concluded to suspend hostilities against the disease at least

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ested in this discussion with careful explanation of

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and yellow or between the secondary and tertiary colors such as

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dressing made with the salicate of soda. The application

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Bridget Clark. Has had an ague nine months. Commencing

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Tincture of Sepia in parts. residue after evaporating the

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out as creditable pages of transactions as those which eminate from

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heart s enlargement as indicated also by the removal of its apex and

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ders. The entire parturition from the time of the first injection was

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by Dr. Albert H oehnert were extremely interesting

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cautery. He grasps the pile with forceps or tenaculum

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unjust sentence of Dr. Beale occurring in his own city. How plea

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after meals for then it would only add fuel to the flame.

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of scarlet fever and of typhoid fever. During the summer and fall

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and conservative treatment without operation may be tried.

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Because the Gluten and Ceraline in the Malted Wheat

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