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Levaquin An

remedies. Somewhat obstinate constipation was noticed in several
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The therapeutic indications based upon this rationale of the action
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grow out of peculiarities manifested during the course of the affec-
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the patient shivers a good deal. Rigor and chattering of the teeth
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known, that in fresh bread the greater part of the water is free, while in
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application of warmth. We may raise the temperature of a cholera
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furnished a most convenient host for the plants, and diphthe-
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virus, by drying and pounding the spinal cords of rabbits.
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Reasons for the Therapeutic Supremacy of the Cold Bath in
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is highest on the second or third day, when the eruption is appearing. In
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very few live, while, on the other hand, on the same fruit-
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House, we arrived at Havre in due time, and entering the
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Southern States, which are usually diagnosed as enteric fever,
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man is tit for. A man engaged in this work for thirty years, like
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quently upon the number of the nerve endings which come in contact
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A review of experience in the last decennium, derived from personal
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bad in a few hours. To have milk in proper condition for
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consumption of wine increased from 21.3 gallons per capita in
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practitioners in the West and Southwest habitually employ cold affu-
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against "cold water," the author deems it important to reiterate his
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ing the thermometer is found to register at the normal, or more often a
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amount of food. Vegetarians are usually fanatics, non-pro-
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light on a field of medicine which my object is to tell you is
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disposing influence, weak, delicate children with an irritable digestive
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and complaints of chilliness while in the cold bath. But, if it is prop-
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necessary, the ])atient must he seen before the operation is per-
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The foregoing comuicnts in the rcpurt Icail lo the recommen-
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attack of cystitis; ill several months, and never fully recovered. He had been
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to show the advances made and being made in the treatment
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muscles. The middle finger of the right hand, contracting with the
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those described as occurring in the miliary or nodular tubercle. More-
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not be said to coexist with dysentery unless all of the characteristic
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Nevertheless, yet good results are obtained, because in most of these
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Injues should be sawn through well above the internal malleolus
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show the lesions of parenchymatous nephritis, the microscope revealing
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carried out by the presence of the elastic coat, which forms the chief
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explanation of the rationale of hydriatric procedures in malarial affec-
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so many years — but that which has hitherto failed by reasoning,
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cases of typhoid fever under my care in the hospital. Eight-tenths of these
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rived from the building up of the lost nerve tone, the improvement of
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cialty, and this was before the days of his professorship at
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cessive parts are rubbed dry, and quickly washed off with water at 75°,
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served in males. The "maudlin " delirium of the drunkard is sometimes
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being feeble. Hence the temperature rises only at long intervals to
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iilways expect him to be able to answer any question of public

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