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constitutional peculiarities of the patient, his habits of life, his recent
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Mr. Martin's Act, was thrown out by too large a majority
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The Journal is published every second and fourth Thursday of the
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Living quarters were unsanitary and badly ventilated. Sewage was not properly
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the open air, is limited to a few yards round the source of the
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Street and Civic Center Boulevard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104. Telephone (215)
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the lectures when jou choose; you walk the Hospitals when
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poisoning, though this is uncommon now, and extremely so with the better
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eign substance; the subsequent scar is almost nothing.
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of the body which require muscular action, e. g., horizontal projection
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to a great diversity of habits, the quantity of car-
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is ten times the least quantity of antitetanic serum necessary to
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on the internal jugular vein. The efferents from the submaxillary, like
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Buck, our sixteenth president, was born in 1807, and
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were regaled with wine and comfits at the University's expense,
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such a case as that of Dr Branch, where the waters had long escaped,
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sy, 1 — dropsy of the brain, 1 — scarlet fever, 4 — gastiltis, 1— infantile disease, 1 — intempe-
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their distribution will follow certain laws capable of precise mathe-
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or followed by mental disorder of a temporary kind.
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some fitter memorial for the general profession to con-
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While Dr. Kerr recognizes that there is a variety of in-
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disappear. It is to be hoped that many decads will pass before a new
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similar by any means, and none of them correspond to
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the cheek. I was, however, not consulted by the patient on ac-
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tracted the primary lesion five months before I saw him in April, 1874.
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because there is work for us to do; that our share of that work does
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referable to the structural changes induced in the brain by the syphilitic poison.
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ration 01 joint function after fracture. Phila. Polyclin.,
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an injection, which does not reach the alleged diseased
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testes, the insertion of a pessary, the passage of a catheter, excision of
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A.B. He then took up the study of medicine at the College of
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of the fermentation set up by it. So Pettenkofer imagines that the "cholera-
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General Principles. The caloric requirements of adults

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