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the anterior borders. On opening the pericardium the sac was found

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identity of these conditions can be reasonably made. On the other

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three or four years, except for this last season, when the gardens were

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showed no stain was in progress. In many of these tissue culture

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The condition of the heart in these forty-five cases of overload of

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as Morgagni expressed it, as of melted white w;ix dropped on a cold

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be determined by the clinical use of these salts in a considerable num-

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migraine, conditions which also occur with paroxysmal explosion but

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Previous efforts to ascertain the amount of glucose arising from

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26 per c.mm. He was given four doses of neosalvarsan and four doses of

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Disease Due to Deficiency of Nutrition? Tr. Soc. Trop. Med. and Hyg., 1913.

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diminution, but the actual minimum {E'o = 0.960 = 12.53 gm.) is

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lans interna, seventeen in the lamina ganglionaris, twenty-four in the lamina

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scope we have repeatedly observed the agglutination and fusion into

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serous cavities are endothelial, even under normal conditions. H. M. Evans

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which such incompetency of the aortic valves existed for more than

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the cord, may exercise the same influence on the pulse. Many indi-

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the diagnosis of auricular fibrillation. Although there is no record of the

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and potassium iodid for several years. Five years before he had had several

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of the infectious nature of the disease, is in reality of little significance.

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lagra in Spartanburg County in 1911 than in 1908, probably at least

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Stewart : Transactions of the Pathological Society, London, 1875.

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in exophthalmic goitre. This often leads to loss of hair from the

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associated with those of ulcerative endocarditis. Ulcerative endocar-

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TABLE 7. — Period 4; Effect of Thymus Treatment on Nitrogen, Phos-

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tion of urine became nul under a simultaneous powerful contraction

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needles sensation in his legs and arms. For the past year he had had squint

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To a number of tubes containing 0.25 gm. of this placenta were

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was undertaken to (a) identify these alterations with relation to the intrinsic

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In another case pressure of carcinomatous glands on the lower part

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ment of fever, and general aggravation of symptoms. Although these signs

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accompanies, or precedes ectasias, both internal and external, which

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especially by the fact that the bruit which results from insufficiency

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and corn, amount not stated; 9 cans tomatoes; 4 cans oatmeal — 1.5 pound cans;

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