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to all kinds of excesses and had contracted a gonorrhoea a year before
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tances may be made at the risk of the publishers by forward
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The Headache of Acute Alcoholism. To remove the alcohol
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has been made through the lay and medical press of Eng
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points of moral legal and commercial interest that we might expect
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first thing that usually attracts attention is pain this is or is not
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the mortification of seeing the clergy and other educated classes the
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test when the scarification process is used and the
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that he is only a year old and that artificial alimentation will not
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We cannnot see anything in the above work to recommend it to
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the bone and terminating in the joint of the wrist.
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plete control over the bladder although in the younger man
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shameful ignorance to exist among some graduates of schools calling
tions of London and Paris connected with St. Bartholomew s and St.
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tliral arthritis as Dr. Campbell prefers to call it
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the less precision is noticeable in our work hence the
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in the distribution of the anterior tibial and the nius
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Dr. Dunglison says he has had no adequate evidence that it can
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hope of success. Intense cold has this immense advantage ovtT
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of the anterior segment of the mitral valve. The left ven
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part of the tumor with a strong Volsella forceps passing along
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further at least than to grant charters for Universities and Colleges
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the readers of the Journal and the British Profession generally on
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trollable in days gone by. In scanning the literature
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April d Applied the current by one pole to the epigastrium the
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ried to the fullest extent possible. The cutting operation is
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class of cases which present themselves at St. Mary s Hospital after
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strable explanation is to be found in the law of diffusion of
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of preventing and controlling contractures upon the opposite
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articles broths chicken etc. until the ordinary food is re
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differs materially from that which is found in earlier life. Its
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nitrate of silver or chloride of zinc into the orifices of
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curative forces of nature in spite of the associated
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agination furnished opportunity for the lapse of longer
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in the management of pelvic abscesses we should wait until
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the inguinal canal but it can always be accomplished
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ployed vary in strength from to grains to the ounce.
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cision devised for the purpose of exposing the gall
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away with the skin when this was lifted. Part of the ster
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tusion referable to the failing action of the heart

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