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fifode of Administration and Proper Dose. It can be given

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makes but very little difference. Where there is a very

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seat of fracture and maintained in place by a broad strip of

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believed that he was suffering from the influence of type metal and

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ing haemoptysis. The extractum ergotse fluidum may be

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ficial respiration is recorded in the Lancet by Dr.

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I assumed the duties pertaining to the medical officer of this military

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of the bladder occurs not through the contact of the

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microscopic examination the liver was found to contain

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except that part which rests against the prostatic urethra.

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part in that mighty system of human improvement which God

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perforated the womb and that the uterine sound had penetrated for

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was performing its functions the day before when the teeth were taken

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should not be made to gradually taper to a point as most

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cases not in the verified list of undoubted plague

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loped. It subsists in that position until the remaining yolk sub

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tension of the abdomen. M. Blanchit was called and passed the

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Urine Quantity oz. color red reaction acid sp.gr albumin none

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