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diseases. The foregoing does not, however, apply to ice which does
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tions calculated to ward off danger, or remove the olfend-
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service. Dr. Hoff called on me and I gave him every
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erates this virus — these microbes, these bacilli,
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initial stimulation of the wine, which speedily gives place to the prolonged
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from nausea and vomiting. Several times he had fallen on the street.
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patient's forefinger is allowed to come in contact with the examin-
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city to Morrisania, a distance of about 8 miles, in a horse-car. The jour-
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through, care being taken to divide them with a sharp knife at right
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-American Ophthalmological, and on the day preceding
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the band ended too. I see some odd things still, but I am glad to say I no
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on Medical Jurisprudence, has not been formally discussed in the
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stipation. A few scybala only are passed from time to time. Cases of this
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certain positions of the eyes than in others ; thus in one of Hadden's
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Dr. S. E. Solly, of Colorado Springs. (Dr. L. A. Fisk,
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with brown sugar, or seasoned with a small quantity of com-
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University of the City of New York, being graduated in 1883. After graduation
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nitis ? Accordingly, nausea, vomiting, pain, and tympanites, which
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progress of this disease with great frequency and as early
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cannot be performed and only cholecystostomy is done, this
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sore-throat. She was in bed three weeks at home. During
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terized by uncertainty and irregularity of development, and hence the
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liver is disordered, and in chronic disease of the liver they are believed
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action of this region the inflammation grows more se-
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spite of the increased difficulty of conduc- times also in acute rheumatism, and there
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been felt by the early students of anatomy. Just at
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50 eggs of batch (/) kept at 113" F. ]—-none hatched. (Control, 93 per cent, hatched.)
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My parents and family ... for my life, your constant love and encouragement and your
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time, and we must never lose sight of the fact that even
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the rural designations should have geographic practice
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heaviest portion of this adaptation, building health, is the function
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The application of the constant current, the positive pole
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year after the infection. The following case, related to me by Critzman and
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as the fingers clasp the neck quite firmly, and slip along it towards
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defense that the sleep or swoon should have followed, not
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■was resolved, that every attempt should he made to draw similar declarations from
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for their object and result the protection of wounds from the

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