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think they know similar delusions of the ear are common. Again
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such diagnosis shows that time is gained to the patient
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It will be noticed that the number of deaths in exceed those
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sented any symptom of diabetes on the contrary the urine was in
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steps to further lessen the great suffering and mor
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tation do occur in heart muscle during life in con
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continued as well as the new committees appointed will be found in
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ounce of lime water every two hours will usually be re
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no change till about A. M. At that hour a copious enema was
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script. When necessary to elucidate the text illustrations will be
same and if the disease had originated in Rotten Row they should
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food and ability to expectorate. All treatment should be
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the United States Pharmacopceia for the preparation of wild cherry
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losis. This is thought to be due to cicatricial contraction of
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urethra. There are local pain and tenderness which may
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on sound premises if the belief is correct that such
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it is particnlarly interestiYig inasmuch as it is an
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upon our replying in what we hoped would be considered a kind
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precede by several days the eruption of the tooth often continue and
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spending some months at Alexandria when a man of mean condi
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and long aperture through the bottom of the acetabulum and a sinous
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sesses the inherent power of contractility exclusive of the nerves amp c.
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icine and his steady support of the American Medical Association
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Leeches are applied to the spine and ice to the head and
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The same result i. e. stoppage of the bleeding may often
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out. The pieces were respectively xj an inch and fxf of
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buildings imperfectly ventilated and to caution each citizen who
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utes but this is by an unremitting activity that must
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of hereditary syphilitic infection in which the poison is so diluted
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tem. To counteract these effects Burton advises the addi
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tic disturbances he will excrete more urine he may have
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or vomiting. Three hours after the operation the pulse wa.s
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was the wish of the Board to avoid multiplying mistakes and repeat
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kindly examined the case at our request at the same time concurring
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poraries and far exceeding that of any other American
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which it follows that all of them are not of the same
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fish hook curve for extreme cases and thirdly an inter
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poses the patient to tlie risks of intestinal obstruction. If
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