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from fatal small pox Experience of Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals

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tions of chronically inflamed valves are often pal

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interest. I have made direct researches on these vesssels.

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out the existence of pleurisy with considerable effusion.

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and the intestine. The bladder contained a yellowish liquid lVecal

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with grains and gradually increase until the patient is

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Physician to the Elizabethan Hospital for Children

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was condemned as it is likely to drown the patient in his

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able to recollect a period at which he had not been constantly troubled

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In one case we dread to see suppuration supervene in the other it

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of noble parentage whose fathers had lost their lives in

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The extensive hay marshes so useful to the pioneer herdsmen

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township an appropriation was made of land equivalent to two entire

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hypertrophied turbinate is not indicated. It is not known to

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In some cases the dropsy is entirely cured by rest and a

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syringe directly against the affected surface in the throat.

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with the thermometer at of Fahrenheit in the shade.

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was in the proportion of four and a half in every ten.

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apt to wound either the cheeks or tongue to make the incision too

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the afternoon he seemed to grow worse fast. I asked him how e

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hope that the agglutination of Koch s bacilli may prove

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