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mixtures with two oimces of syrup of mulberry. In tnia case, pressure

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disease the face is triangular, with the base upward, whilst in acromeg-

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cavities divided by fibrous septa and filled with cheesy material. The

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tables were covered with instruments of various kinds. The endo- '

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found a wide-spread, partially interstitial, partially parenchymatous alter-

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with other bacteria, and putrefaction results. Hemorrhages are frequent

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flammation of the cervical mucous membrane; retroflection ; ante-

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developing during typhoid fever. Friedlander, Galliard, and others have

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duced from without. Ehubarb and senna may produce shades of brown

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acid may sometimes be made out upon the person ; pathognomonic are

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smooth, and dense, suggestive rather of a thickened serous membrane

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during the middle third, and more often in men than in women. The

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lism of the superior mesenteric artery, finds that the first symptom of this

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sjuperior to it, and none so far seen that can be accepted as its equal. The value of this

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clots and slime in the sediment of the urine of persons suffering from

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by the use of sodium bicarbonate, lime water, or ammonia in some form.

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of the patient's nerve-force by the use of electricity and massage. The

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strength of the will, is combatted. On this subject, he says, " Small

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of urea-production in hysterical fever. Exaggerated temperatures, 120

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may be present. Sharply defined broncho-pneumonia, especially when

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associated with chilly sensations and perhaps with frequent sweatings,

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rather to arterial calcification than to arterio-sclerosis, while diabetic

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of the mesenteric arteries, in latent appendicitis, and in suppurating

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is, therefore, to be regarded as still open. There is to be recognized a

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axilla. Pleurisy is to be excluded by the absence of fever, the irregular

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mission, as follows : I cut through the scalp and muscle beneath,

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sible precaution to obviate the risk of becoming a prey to extortion

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failure of strength is usually marked, but in the fever of reaction, as it

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ports, by some system of quarautind. NotvithataikUBg ail ssoh ob-

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is obvious. Exploratory puncture, however, may prove dangerous by

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sary. It is important, however, that the treatment be no more severe

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