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may be an unfavorable omen. When whooping-cough is accidentally asso-

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with a thermometer, and so placed on its stand that it can be

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If we appeal to a dictionary, we shall find under the heading-

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by the anterior route ; it is impossible to deliver a

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easy, permitting expedition combined with thorougliness,

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her breathing was so diflicult that I iiuniedialely per-

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Prognosis is extremely grave. Operative interference is impracticable

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cope. Its action is cumulative, and must be carefully watched.

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cation, and embodying various articles on important special

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as promiUly as a good cathartic usually acts on the

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enlarged, and the presence of rose-spots was open to doubt.

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invariably returns after enucleation. Microscopically, it is

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chyluria and huematuria. h. Under trematoda are included distoma hcpaticum

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resulted from an accident, and owing to the fact that


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