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at Lansing during the session of the State Legislature and on alter
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be entrusted to other hands or a vague stereotyped commendatory
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In those instances where there is a maximum amount of
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frequent more rapid and more satisfactory recoveries than I
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pressure symptoms on the adjoining parts or their partial
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which gave such intensity to the color and hideousness to the foarms
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cataplasm. To secure the influence of position the limb was elevated
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but the local tenderness and discoloration had gone. It was
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and no eruption. He remained in this condition for seven
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mences to suffer from the symptoms of the pelvic complaint.
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slow and deliberate lateral oscillation of the eye
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two edged sword and is liable to produce unhappy effects when inju
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ria of the nose is apt to be fatal unless careful treatment is
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In cholangitis the symptoms are much the same but the
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science and the promotion of all measures adapted to the relief of
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of expectoration with the exception of crude tubercular matter may
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the use of the large one and those who cannot conveniently
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cases have been added under the head of Poisoning much additional
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characters from one individual to another they are not followed by
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constringing the cervix would prevent the discharge of the
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tific announcement. It has some most important practical results.
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tions for this fellowship should be forwarded to the
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reduction in mortality is most marked in patients under
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peared as a hard lump in the breast and the skin be
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also been extensively tested and in a few instances with
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Basham s iron mixture with the addition of fractional
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is applied to the epigastrium and followed by a belladonna
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insufficiency of accommodation ciliary hyperesthesia cili
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in which we should expect to find the disorder fully treated we are
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as the representative of the regular medical profes
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is usually a matter of life or death to the syphilitic
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of which contains I c.c which is the ordinary adult dose.
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This glucosuria being fully recognized in women it was quite natu
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morphia directly into the substance of the affected muscle
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