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But a much larger class of dropsies are passive, or result from defective ab-

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opinions are noticed with a degree of respect and deference, which evince that

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carbonic acid, should be used in the treatment of typhoid fever. A weak solu-

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ized by the appearance of successive crops of bullae or

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time. This took place in Dr. Waddel's case, in all the cases of Mr. Aber-

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supposing that the view just advanced is correct, it must turn round the outer-

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our various military stations, belongs to the late surgeon-general. Dr. Lovell, to

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vour to obtain a moderate flame, else the arsenic will volatilize and not

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numvitse, mahogany, logwood, mangrove, cocoa-nut, &c. are found only in

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Dr. Nicholson^s essay treats of the epidemics of yellow fever in

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Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the

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pant may dress and undress in comfort. Special sleep-

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sac was, therefore, rapidly effected. To close the opening, the end of the index

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allowing the vessel to cool, the charcoal, which is light, friable, and more

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Copyright for protection against republication. Journals

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supposition that these parts are diseased with stammerers,! positively can assert

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case of hemorrhage from the uterus. It is given in these words by Dr. B. "It

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22, swallowed an ounce of laudanum. The ordinary symptoms soon suc-

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germ, or by the tubercle bacillus, or by ordinary pus cocci.

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panied by denfonstration at each step, which being impossible

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that the efficacy of this invaluable remedy should be fully known, and that

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be of a much older date than the affection of the kidneys, and probably gave

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The symptoms were so slight that the child was still running about;

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the French Academy with accounts of their wonderful success, and some even

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cations, the vascularity and opacity of tlie ocular surface will diminish.

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of Blood from the Wound after its Application — Ligature of the Primitive Iliac,

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position of the body. But not long after, a friend of his was wounded in a

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admissions to hospitals for the insane. It begins in

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