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Hydrea Dry Brush

is unimpaired ; but finally there is a feeling like commencing in-
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clothes having been unstitched or cut open into strips so as to
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the window that any night-caller in a hurry could rouse
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to prevent soiling of the dressings and of the apparatus ;
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forations is the most severe of all. Only those made by
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serious haemorrhage, and with these lesions there is a risk
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Richmond for exchange. After the surrender of Lee's
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1893, ^°^> ^ ^^ succeeded Dr. W. A. Dewey in his prac-
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Among the more important of the medical book publications of which
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remedy must be prepared by hand. This is Hahnemann's homoe-
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ment used by either in support of their peculiar claims hinges
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sequently, at the age of eighteen, he opened a dispensary and devoted
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insufficient. Extirpation entails injurious damage to a
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in bed for a week after the pain has ceased. Getting up too early will very
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clinical observation, not to theory. Upon this sound basis of
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and their future promises to be an exceeding greater pros-
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Not only in the practical side of medical activities has Dr. Flint
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the full advantage from it, we must take into account the
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New York. Dr. O'Connor is at present (1918) in the Medical Re-
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yielding, and a yellow leucorrhcea issuing from the os. Applied
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Physicians and Surgeons of New York. From the last named he
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that he is not as sick as he thinks ; assure him that he will soon
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with heat in the ear-lobes, or who are fed on artificial food,
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Now, Beale is perhaps the greatest of microscope investigat-
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the idea that it is less practical, because less safe and less cer-
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Gothard Tunnel was at first regarded as idiopathic, but more careful investi-
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that govern society and the State, and the laws that
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pathic Society of the State of Michigan. He is a member
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of establishing an American journal devoted to dermatological sub-
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periment : ' This experiment lasted three hours, during which
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published in a medical journal, and excited much attention
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and received the grant of fifteen lordships in Cheshire,

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