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of the small intestine was found acutely strangulated

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that an animal enraged from any cause though not laboring under

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years ago when editor of the Chicago Medical Review I wrote

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for the hemameba of malaria. E.xamination of control

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without charge if the request therefor accompanies the many

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Our hope is that with such necessity for scientific

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healthiest towns in the centre of this State the deaths in ac

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This irregular hermaphroditism is a matter of race

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This is conceived to be an important object of the plan proposed.

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About the year. a celebrated painter M. Gross composed a

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that he was awfully drunk. The second was from seeing blood ooze

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subject of this paper. Nephroptosis is quite a com

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portant lesions of the disease are those that occur

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means are often employed to secure virginity until marriage shall take

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of the last thirty years afford animating proofs of our advancement

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ful patient systematic and analytic examination of a

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higher mortality. Lithotomy is as fatal in most hands after the

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