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Union prevents the decay of the body by the introduction of new

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distressed her head. The next day October th I sent her of the

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Jessie Warner recalled. My brother died in the town of Clinton

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pression of elimination or had colonic lavage been insti

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Ordered his bowels moved with the Citrate of Magnesia. Closed the

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New York there were respectively and deaths from phthisis of which

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varicocele is most prevalent. Next in frequency comes

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after the consummation of our national independence. And while

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author is careful to state his fundamental position in the

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Professor of tlie Principles of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery Jefferson Medic

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considerable sexual st nsation it was desirable to preserve a

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for this form of suture in the operation centres in tb.e leaden

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accidentally followed by an aggravated form of chronic bronchitis.

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health and working at his trade. A second case occurred in a

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introduction of a soft catheter which is secured in position

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subject is it necessary to observe that there are many intractable in

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