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besides numerous class prizes, graduated as M.B. andC.M.,
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analysis made, and the fees vary according to the nature and amount
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to enable traders to clear out their stock of such goods is
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Pattin. H. Cooper, M.A., D.P.H., M.B.Cantab, appointed Medical OfBcer
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for the grant of a charter to constitute the U niversity of Wales, so that no
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case such as mine. His opiuion is tliat my certificate was
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dorus Siculus and Pliny epeak of this therapeutic method as employed by
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District; C. A. James, M.E.C S., D.P.H., Honorary Secretaries.
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pool ; Mr. J. K. Murphy, Dublin. (N) Mr. J. Nicholson, London; Mr.
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and Medical .(uri=prudeoce have acted in this eapa<-ity. In the future
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long average duration. Dr. Longstaff ' calls attention to the
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the end of December last. The admissions during tlia year were 13,187,
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Edinbursh and London : Y'oung J. Pentland, 1892. (Me-
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The Diagnosis of Diseases of the Nbbvous System. By
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Rocky Mountains themselves. There are three series of eleva-
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reading up the subject of anthrax will be somewhat misled by
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ments, I ]3egan seijidi,i.,g patients, and I believe I have sent
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The Commission which sat to inquire into the quality and
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Officer for the Third Sauitary District of the North Bierley Unioi;.
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cake. For an industry, such as this, which hits human
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tissues surrounding tliem. This condition is made worse by
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of the Bedminster guardians in sending tramps to sleep in the
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possible to obtain it in a state of purity on account of its
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have hitherto been obscure, and afford valuable indications
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The Star objects to our age-incidence argument on the
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urge that the velocipede is a means of healthy exercise much
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SUNDERLAND INFIRMARY'. — Honorary Surgeon. Applications to the
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were necessary, of the risks incurred by members of the pro-
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that some special regulation will be issued, and better provi-
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50, Rodney Street, Liverpool ; John B. Hellier, M.D., 1, De
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Government Board Offices, before Sir Walter Foster, with the
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thalmia has been practically stamped out among the children there, and
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more than of travelling, and as such it should be exempt from

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