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How Good Is Differin For Acne

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may be many deformities, the most common being pigeon-breast. The
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exceptional cases) or 1:1000 to 1:10,000 or 1:20,000 parts of distilled
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pnounioiiic or (lisscininatcMl. Tlic liihtTcle Ijacilli t liciiisolvcs are found
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usually takes place in jumping. Both malleoli may be fractured, while
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Nwrsing Studewts.^^Jj&dies are instructed at the Infirmary. The
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pulse of the blow will be felt by the palm of the hand.
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Etiology. — Periarteritis occurs from wounds, extension of inflammation
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epidemic. Some claim that epidemics of yellow fever are self-limiting,
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cancer. The recognition of an abdominal tumor alone can render the
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mation and a neuralgic condition. Pressure may be exercised upon a
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in the back and loins ; he may complain of nausea and ]3erhaps of vomit-
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tions which demand amputation may be summarized as follows :
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localizes pus formation. It is best applied in the form of hot stupes,
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Treatment. — In the treatment of strangulated hernia, the following
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tion of the vagi produces hepatization, but not croupous pneumonic con-
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Morbid Anatomy. — Catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membrane of
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not absolute, colicky pains, and more or less nausea. There may be void
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2. The splint should not press upon bony points. This should be
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by destro} T ing the septa between the spaces, larger spaces are formed.
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arises from a penetrating wound, by which infectious materials have
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might cause rupture of the adhesions formed, to limit the diffusion of
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The unaffected portion of lung-tissue may be normal, osdematous or pneu-
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entirely destroyed, with perhaps some little of the subcutaneous tissues.
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It is important that the first cases of typhus fever which are developed
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wot'k iviulors the profjjnosi.s unfavonible. In mild eases, {luriiifr the second
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istration of ether. Not so with chloroform. Accidents may happen
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Pott's Abscess appears below Poupart's ligament, and is more liable to
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der) to the pelvis; thence up the tubules. Hj'aline casts in " parasitic nephritis "' have spores and algae on
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subject to tapeworms, and as the ova of these parasites are discharged in
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parts by mass. Molecular death of bone is called "caries." "Xecrosis"
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torated is very small no symptoms will be developed except the spitting of
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abdominal tumors press upon the cystic duct there will be the physical
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the patient being in a sitting posture, the line of flatness in liver enlarge-
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Furthermore, the poisons are not infective and the disease process does
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curved. Not infrequently the left auricular walls are from one-eighth to
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a uniformly red and glistening appearance. In malignant cases the hyper-
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of substance ; in more severe cases the subcutaneous cellular tissue is in-
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4. Certain nervous disorders, such as spina bifida, locomotor ataxia,
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Mitral regurgitation, when uncomplicated, gives rise to very little dis-
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diarrhea. The fever assumes a hectic type, and the consequent anaemia
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which it is especially liable to occur : — obstruction to the coronary circula-
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by an emphysematous condition of the tissues, produced by the develop-
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ministered to get rid of the general poison. Cancer of the tongue may

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