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lutely contra-indicated, because it is possible to remove the disease

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Leaves on them , more thinly or dfperfedly Jet, ha-

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each a little di fiance from other, fo that the green

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status good, was referred to me by Dr. C. H. Harris, of Louisville,

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which is contrary to all the former Flower de luces ,

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broad, cut, divided or torn in on the fldcs, and each

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left, but in the fma/lncfs of the iruit, funding alfo

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another fort of this Species , differing only in theje

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oc?oba- i° n i893. r day of October, 1893, file with said state board of health

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ing, is in all refpefts like unto the Leffer before de-

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tation there was not an incorporated Medical Society in the

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XVIII. The EJfence , Sanguis, or Blood. _ It is made,

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A review of these tumors from the standpoint of pathology showed

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their names to the Memorial presented in 1763, three only lived

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upon any Cut, or Wound of a Vein , 0 V. where there

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hardly fail to impress us with its grave importance, when we

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in the W w 1 t f° ‘‘H ,he f orjn e r . yea even

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Infufwn may be made in Water, or Clarified Whey ■

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Herb bruifed, and fo applied, it heals fimple green

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it is not the Lepidium Diofcoridis Iff Galeni, for that

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great plenty : alfo near to Lee in Effete, and upon

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parts : the Stalk is round , ft raked and blackifh , 0-

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" Resolved, that in the death of Dr. Elijah C. Kinney, the pub-

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This was in 1888, and in 1891 he could say that he felt quite

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Insane reported that there had been nothing for the Committee

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There were none in the Colonies bearing the title of bachelor

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functional change in the medulla in asthma. Experiments on

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his Cure) Naviga ad Anticyras ; hut with us in Eng-

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and Virtues of thefe Baftard Black Hellebor s are the

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the testicle itself. We will open the cord structures and then we should

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