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break down, the heroic patient resolutely set to work to finish
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lations of the track to the osseous extremities with which
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is of the gravest. Most of the wounded die on the battle-
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much less frequent occurrence of infection, together with
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ing Dr. Taylor's career he was noted for the kindly feeling and sym-
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Mr. Slacer determined to study medicine, and very quietly began
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about to announce it to his class, but a second thought
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who acknowledge the homoeopathic rule as their guide in the
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of her operative work is done in her private sanatorium
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Medical Society of the County of New York ; New York Academy of
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may be very beneficial, but we would strongly advise moderation in bodily
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Dr. Lewis was an attendant at Alfred Academy at the time of the
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sible to give a larger dose at one time, so that it need not be taken more than
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Published by Dr. H. Erichsen, 11 Farmer Street, Detroit,
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urged him to continual study of the current discoveries in
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to evacuate. This he " could put up with," he said ; but every
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The emperor Domitian directed one of the brilliant actors of his
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history, in a court of law, by chemistry and the micro-
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as fully responsible. When the crime is of magnitude, and the
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of pyosalpinx he has had good results, and of that treat-
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He has served with the British Expeditionary Forces, being attached
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Nathan, of New York City. Thev have one child, Margaret N., born
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which he has touched, would have been without the learning, skill and
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to be unremitting, night as well as day : therefore, if we' take
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apprehension and misuse of the word ' disinfectant ' will be appreciated
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the Naval School at Annapolis to his promotion to the rank of
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ceased, daughter of David and Mary (Graham) Tucker.
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to valuable discoveries, and I hope will continue to make known
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One hundred and Seventy-five cases) (Pacific Med. Jnl., Nov., 1913).
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of Max and Ida Mayer, and they have one child, Edward Henry
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"Peri-nephritis" (Chicago Med. Jour, and Examiner, June, 1880).
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