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head symptoms invariably afforded great relief to the patient s suffer
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respiration rate is disturbed the fever is usually high and
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Dr. Declat s dose was one teaspoonful and having neglected to
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are the iodide and sesquichloride. A prescription frequently
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lhat there is any certain physical sign of adhesion of the pericardium
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Hospital were treated by Dr. DaCosta with deep daily
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suffered from a perforating ulcer of the left foot
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nerve food friction and electricity in the shape of galvanism
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for several years being almost entirely absent dur
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On a careful investigation then and subsequently it was ascertained
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means of treating piles. He employs a moderately fine
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and on examination there was more than a pint of coagulated blood
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principal parts of the body the natural functions of the organs and
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single stroke until you feel all resistance cease. The
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the charcoal on evaporation of the acid which on drop
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Syout and Gireh far up the Nile are the only places in Egypt
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alcoholic excess. Before hectic comes on as a rule the
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furnish studies in this same science of human nature. On another
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ing children U gether with the attendant risk of the spread
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should be taken that the agent employed should be pure was insisted
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further important connection with pathology in that mal
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of the Board which they do not deem it desirable or necessary to
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servation against the blind struggle of destruction.
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often suffice. He has known of a large tumor working its
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footing for obtaining satisfactory results that the
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larly broad and all embracing mind to collect digest
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vanced and how much of space there yet remains to be overcome
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Experience has justified our reservations on chis subject. It is now
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flabby condition of the muscular system the anaemic
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dots of oil occupy its place. Some of the cells are detached leaving
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prompt and more certain identification of individuals when from
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upon microscopic examination to be a round cell sarcoma.
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weight during the treatment and in subsequently. The
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the most distressing to witness and the most diffi
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that the case reported was one of the variety called and known as
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norrhagia which by its progress its duration its accidents its com
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used should never be strong enough to give rise to pain.
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trunk and hips. Then with a roller bandage filled with plas

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