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among phj^sicians regarding the dilutions used. He began with the

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the Eye, by George Lawson, F. R. C. S., Philadelphia: Liudsay & Blakiston.

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wait for collateral circulation, because the Injury

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in the brain, cerebellum, or spinal marrow. Now, here is another re-

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thic World, has recently made a hurried visit to this country, and we hope in

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and pupils undergo a similar examination. At the conclusion, the

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treatment for a long time to eradicate the disease.

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severe whooping-cough, and after treating them for two or three

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Mary's status after her second arrest has been totally different from

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inflammation is sufficient to kiU, without any other unfavourable com-

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uses altogether. He had recently a case of rheumatism, with high

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There is not at present the shghtest doubt on my mind, that the irri-

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Dr. Woodbury, for the Chairman, presented the following papers :

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shall be most likely to prevent an approaching dangerous congestion of

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the Great Kind of Bafils, and not differing from the

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but without any other sensible effect than a curtailment of the duration

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these meetings. The reading of long and worthless papers, by which

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measures. When first attacked, he felt rather nervous; but this was

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Root, either frefh or dry, fo long or fo often, till

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Dr. Beebe read a paper expressing a preference of chloroform over

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second, 1 in 40 ; in the third, 1 in 47 ; the latter being less than the

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these have often been selected by Dr. Burt iu his book, but we think

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servers in our training camps also state that increased susceptibility to

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of the French and English methods, possesses the advantage of allowing

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tion, drinking impure water, alcoholic beverages, and especially by

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during the process. The solution cannot possess the original proper-

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ton, Wis., Dr. Craig, Dr. Cole, of Chicago, Dr. Sanders, Dr. Van

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As the largest manufacturers of Laundry Machinery in the world, The

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fes, eales pains or Aches in any part, and is lingular

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events in the theater of war were recognized universally as being the most authori-

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small doses, which will antidote these poisons in the air, attacking

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sympathy between the different nerves of animal life. It passes

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ry year ; from this root rifes up fever a! Jlender weak

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who had received a slight scald in the ham of the left leg; such portions

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inclined to recommend the early insertion of issues over the spine, with

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