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ranges and depends a good deal upon the part of the body

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tained in the large class of affections called scleroses

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of his having purchased strychnine shortly previous was ascertained

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of uremia the primary symptom was asphasia which con

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follow the advice of her physician. Conception again took place at

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twentieth of a grain of calomel is given every half hour.

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transfusion of blood is useless and should give place

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pride that so much has been accomplished in our yet so young a

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however have for some years employed specialists to

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with maniacal delirium. Among cases of puerperal mania

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mikron in breadth are slightly curved and often have

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Following swiftly upon Dr. Kelsey s first e.rpos lt of the methods

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wound and very slight tenderness of the abdomen. Considerable

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cautiously and only when the patient happens to be anaemic

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out those of most importance we will here close the comparisons.

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from the secular press that the yellow fever has visited New York

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at this day. To establish any diagnosis perhaps days

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ministration of Calomel when there is still Mercury remaining in the

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Transient cystitis dependent upon obscure causes Dr.

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for such comparison. The multiplicity of the cases

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