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assured that the depression is an artificial one, since, however

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his back, rather resembling a vaccination spot than

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riages are contracted at all ages and between May and

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^ An7i. d. mal. dc Voreille, du larynx, etc., Paris, December 1893.

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to 6i acres, and called " The Lawns," and found parts of the gardens

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published by Jose Valli in 1886, may be found an en-

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of gum Arabic, or 1 oz. of almonds, or an egg, will

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In the greater number of instances some disease of the cerebral

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E. Thompson, assistant surgeon, detached from the " Manila "

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range of artillery fire and the noise and concussion are very

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If an operative medicine by mouth is preferred, Metcalf 's

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In spite of years of warning, when the country cried out

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along vasomotor nerves, or upon the production by the active tissue of

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day, the above amount is to be augmented by the addition of six

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increased from 800 quarts to over 2,000 quarts, so that the system could be

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in their course, as well as in the left tibial nerve.

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Treatment. — Asphyxia demands immediate action; there is no time

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13. CalandraT, GlauserMP, Schellekens J, VerhoefJ, Swiss-Dutch J5 Immu-

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centres, through its better acquaintance with them. A

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mind, and his tlaily walk and conversation were in prepa-

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brane was still thickened and discolored, but she has remained

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Under the class of diseases of the respiratory organs are comprised 70

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subject to fits, unless they are brought on by excitement or by

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dementia or melancholia. It is often a lack of will to speak (sometimes

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Carriages. Sanitary advantages of automobile carriages, 50.

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judged that the proportion of calomel present could not be less than one-half ;

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Maunder, Mr. G. F., on the treatment of in-growing toe-nail 219

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that book were identically the same as in my own paper.

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certain circumstances, they have rendered,'^do render, and wiU con-

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