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the extremely hot summer of 1868. Eggenstett, it appears, is a
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the supervention of diarrhoea, the lung symptoms abate, and the
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yellowish granules of the ray fungus can be found. If this
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benefit I now resorted to the warm water, which acted as
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lowing injuries, ophthalmias, &c. ; thirdly, from morbid volition,
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symptoms and lesions is very largely incorporated here. The
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was sallow, and she was incapable of much exertion.
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means of a porte-sponge. The parts are now to be so clearly dis-
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have any remedy that is specially or specifically curative of
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was freely given, and the patient soon rallied ; but the chloral
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displaced and fixed uterus, as if from pressure of an ovarian tumor.
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such accessions of new members as would greatly enhance the high and
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found in the intestinal tumors to the adult stage ; but there is
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like a valve. By slitting open the canal in front and behind the
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which there was not extensive swelling were put up in plaster-
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March 22nd. — Coughs about twice a day ; not drowsy.
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that point. However much this circumstance may have been re-
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sciously, and they modify his character for good or for evil.
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larger and to all appearances older nodules are found in the
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ing their long stay in one of the two brigades working at the
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of latitude within the interior valley, with any thing more than a
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ground as the most useful and convenient. Dr. Leibreich was
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of White Plains, Westchester County, N. Y. Referred to Committee on
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in athletic patients in the early stages of the malady.
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§ 240. Symptoms. Rabies is generally divided into two
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vironment, poor hygiene, or improper sanitation, conditions
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KRESS & OWEN COMPANY, 210 Fulton Street, New York
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an antipyretic. We know that alcohol irritates the brain, at
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undistended tube, and the thickness of the wall varies from one-eighth
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the tombs in New York, and who may be found, more or less, in every
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