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earlier work, as has here been done by Dr. Wolfe, that which he regards

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value as a supplement to, or a substitute for, the older and bettef

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is recommended that the tonsil be cut as nearly as possible even

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in all living cells, but in various degrees of differentiation into

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patient's headache as for a psychologist to attempt to correct the

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MM. MoxOD and Delageniere [Revue de Chirurgic, September 10, 1889)

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with the idea mainly of calling attention to the multiform phases of

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contained in bones affected with this disease, and mentions the staphy-

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at the base of the brain and on the ependyma of the ventricles. It is

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these cases under local anesthesia with good results.

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tha:t a journal devoted to the Quarterly's special field was tp

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varieties of alcoholics. If a man is in the habit of taking a certain

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and strong, and also in the form of a dusting powder, " liquor carbonis

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ing in the Journal of Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngology and

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are active. No family history of chorea, but history of nervous temper-

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" (4) Of all the forms, the staphylococcus aureus is most pernicious.

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retractors. If the stomach is movable, the fold is of course

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the tongue with catch-forceps, by Howard's method, assisted by compression

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dyspepsia, nausea, etc., more or less speedily disappeared soon after get-

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Hospital Reports, vol. v.; (e) 22 cases (Dr. Dickinson), Med.-Chir. Trans., vol. lix.;

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The absolute silence with which these statements have been received is very

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There is one valuable test. In tobacco amblyopia, visual acuity in-

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the contractions of the muscles of the neck and larynx. These contrac-

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