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tality of the inmates is inevitably high, and it is only

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King's College, 1'30 p.m. — Charing Cross, 2 p.m. —

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that ere long our city will possess a hospital more

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costalis was found to be elevated from off the ribs by blood

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vous centres were secondary to some general disease

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breathing by the trachea would live one-third longer

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profit, and credit ; and so you will I am sure listen

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He objected especially to the proposal to allow the

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l)rivate practice in London, Edinburgh, Sunderland,

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to detect that they were in the condition of objects

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called to give an opinion in respect of the treatment

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altogether on the emphysema, as it existed some time prior

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chlorides of antimony and ii-on and some tartai- emetic.

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I Bf ad at the Liverpool Medical Irutitution, February 9th, ld64J

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faithful, unbroken observation ; his ladder had all

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wise, to Dr. Latham's little three volumes on Clini-

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lungs and chorea were both treated by bleeding ; and

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Milne the brass founder's men ; from Peeblesshire ;

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of coagulable lymph were seen on the pia mater ; one on

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for his originality. At the same time, I do not think,

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