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for Ike United Slates, Canada and Mexico; $6.50 per year for all

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years chairman of its Committee on Education, and at

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eases and Injuries of Joints and Bone ; Amputations;

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books, vol. 7, pediatrics and orthopedics, 685; Allingham, H. W, operative

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editorial capacity. His writing was largely confined to

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inviting to strangers. This, however, as the scientist

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you would willingly accord ; and yet, inasmuch as I

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cavities vary greatly in size, and one or both may be

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cases only necessitating the use dI drugs, as cascara. — Westphalen-

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uremic coma April 19, 1900. Lived one year H«;ven davH.

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Primary Infection, as proved by Tertian or Quartan Periodicity or

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sac was then opened and the omentum returned into the

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Bulletin No. 14, M. J. Rosenau, Director. Treasury Depart-

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health and the basis of their operations ; tlie utility

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the limb after the acute stage was passed was dwelt

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cutaneous fat were now dissected off from the fascia of

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injection of the typhoid bacillus into the alimentary

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tunity for acquiring scabies is offered to tho.se who travel

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very foundation. From the sanitary standpoint, tlic;

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or three years ago on account of the tetanus cases,

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the education of the heart — the moral side of the

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tive officer of the State Board of Insanity ; Dr. Page,

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ing. Alcoholic history. Vomitus — free hydrochloric

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604; Cohen, S. S., a system of physiologic therapeutics, vol. 10 pneumo-

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he subject published in the April number of American

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but never robust. At eight years I was sent to a farm

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direct result of the theocin, and adduces in confir-

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hysteria we might get dermato.ses that W(>re not

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care of the person in the tropics. He believes that for-

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at Tampico, Mexico, and directed to rejoin his station at New

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