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Fleming's "Horse-Shoeing," Duke's "Yeterinary Fibers," Lawson's

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of lectures upon Practice of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, and Materia

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harvest (Allbutt). Doubtless there have been many cases of pellagra in the

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1. The only egg purchased by the DOQ is that of the domestic chicken hen, therefore,

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sar's office maintains a listing and inspection service. Rooms on the approved list are

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although it may be that iodid of potassium sometimes has a temporary good

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is retained, but the contractions in the muscles themselves seem very slow,

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the fourth year. The First examination for the License takes place on

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in resisting the attempt to draw down the lower jaw or by the patient's in-

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variations from the typical course of the disease are pronounced enough to set

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rectly diagnosticated and successfully removed by operation. They are gen-

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sues. The former assumption of an altered reaction of the blood is not en-

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(a) Annular Film. The milk enters the annular channel of the heater and

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