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amount and nature of the endowments and securities.
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ulcerating surface is not to heal and an irritant of course
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douche S T. F. while closing abdomen sudden collapse
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this case and to its great value and increased use in
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stance as a metal or hard rubber tube in the cervix and not
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duced it to your notice. If the profession can do nothing more they
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tricular contraction or to asynchronous closure of the aortic
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One point I wish particularly to emphasize again. Let us
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that he had seen at the Salpetriere in which the patient had
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Registrar at the London Hospital amp c. Now ready with
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tion and displacement. Dr. Goldspohn in closing condemned
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and artificial eczema. The itching v.as increased by
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presented your letter to him. Much to my regret I learned from
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experiments cited show that indoxyl or its derivative remains
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granulations very much more frequently than in the adult and also
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Morton had another opportunity of examining him. The
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or eight hours. There could have been nothing to retard its action
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Tongue red in the centre. Now patient better but still complains of
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lie keeps the patient quietly in bed for from to days
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ger a Paris correspondent of the Vienna Medical Times
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this country will not permit the licensing of vice
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portion of the island only two cases occurring among them after their
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ing the above as a specimen of Michigan justice. We think there is
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most valuable remedies. Ferruginous preparations are frequently
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mediately after a storm. Fever he said was invariably arrested by
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Tympanitis he relieves by the application of turpentine stupes
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to be practically worthless while a very few make quite
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increase of nuclei takes place. If the tubercles be examined in a
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in the operation for lithotomy and a catheter having been introduced
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phorated Tinct. Opium equal parts in small dozes regularly. This

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