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tation of the end filaments of the vagus in the intes

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heneath the patient s hips. A Davidson s syringe is employed.

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due examination as vacancies occur in that grade. Assistant

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Christian and Lauderdale present. The patient was then brought

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enlarged. The irregularity of the heart continued for

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pulse rate is noted under the following conditions

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M. Kenouard says that in all the works on medicine which have

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lotion of any desirable strength as the solution is readily miscible

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Suppose suppuration to have take place and we are satisfied of the

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ing to make physiology an exact science which when fully accom

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by the occurrence of some accident which impairs the integrity of the

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As soon as the child cries lustily Dr. Goodell cuts the cord

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nished me by Mr. Barnard the only one experimented with an in

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stantly exists and we may well believe that except for the salutary

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tells us that this sensation should be most felt in cases of confirmed

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township of Paris also the cases occuring on Bronson street both

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cardiac weakness in the presence of contracted kidneys.

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double doses by rectum. Qninidia was used for a short time

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fuga Macrotis and Belladonna with a view to prevent a vicarious

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authors are placed in opposition to the intellectual and scientific

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that in the great majority of cases of true cirrhosis

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adult. The chloride is to be mixed with water and glycer

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connection or communication with him I would further declare that

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statistics calculated to allay the irritation of the

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titude all erect with expectation the Emperor advanced with an air

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