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plans should be laid at once. The only satisfactory way

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his book as a valuable contribution to practical medicine.

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is the voice of wisdom and experience speaking from the past and

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lieve. The plans in question would undoubtedly build up an insti

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telligent cooperation in the home or in one s office

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Schedc s operation was finally done. The patient was not cured.

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results of percussion will vary accordingly the dulness being greater

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eign born among the cases included in the charts. Of

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paid by a delegate three dollars no yearly assessment being now

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diced hue of the upper portion of the body and face. Tliei e

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hours even they seem to weary and annoy him. They cer

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every hour bottles of warm water are applied to the feet and

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continuous as tumors are. Chief among the persisting signs

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too that bandaging does good especially where there is

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of a burn some years previously. As the case required a careful

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Academy. I can announce even now that the phenomena occurs in

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much used stabile currents to the spine and labile currents to

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reaction in favor of venesection as a therapeutic measure

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inquiry into the patient s history it was found that

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posters rather than to the educated and scientific following the

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efifect.. ienstrual disturbances are also factors in

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stool and a spark is drawn from the cricoid cartilage with the

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fundamental necessity for the successful treatment of sick children.

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Thus this valuable in.sti tution is torn by a contro

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