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from all other matter placed it beneath the microscope and beheld
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convenient urge them to secure its benefits from some source with
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varicocele is met with in otherwise healthy and robust
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examination and the symptoms point to the intestines as the
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ideas as to its nature for although in the majority
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hand or fall on the ground thus occasioned has proved fatal. I have
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containing the fetus the other the placenta. In the fourth
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relations we so rapidly formed and so briefly enjoyed it would give
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an occasional catching and by short quick gasps the head thrown
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a slight expiratory pufT heard at the mouth and synchronous
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If we apply the two poles of the electro magnetic machine at a
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Asheville N. C insisted that amputation must be done
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such cases Friedreic n argues that peripheral irrita
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fine lamb s wool is superior to absorbent cotton. For
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as far as possible. Cod liver oil is given in combination with
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tion as is consistent with the safety of the patient inasmuch as it
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readily absorbed. In profoundly to.xic conditions the
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inflamed intestine. The enema used consists of starch and
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foration of the stump under the ligature and of abscess of
employed congelation with perfect and permanent success. The net
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around the patient were dwelt upon and great weight was put on the
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in position of any of the parties concerned or interruption
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interstitial origin. Later one of these varieties the sub
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first part of the operation produced little effect towards its comple
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atrophied its fundus being about in. below the margin of
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with concentrated food followed by slowly increased exercise.
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margin of the cornea. It is important that the knife
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speciality have awakened the professional curiosity in relation to this
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and Bozeman s speculum introduced a pledget of carbolized
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not without unfortunate examples. But there are those who out of
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ing the above as a specimen of Michigan justice. We think there is
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faithfully executed by local authorities during the
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conditions associated with large collections of pus in a very

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